The history of a commitment to responsible science

Since its inception, the history of Uniivo (Ex – Animalliance) has been committed to promoting excellence in scientific research while adhering to the highest ethical standards (3R’s).


Establishment of Animalliance SARL in Paris, France.


First facility management contract with CNRS, marking 15 years of continuous service in 2024.


Establishment of a training organization (Animaform SARL) to meet the training needs of personnel working in laboratories.

Recognizing that good research can only be built on good practices, we have been dedicated to offering a range of training programs since its inception, aimed at bridging the gap between ethics, animal welfare, and scientific research.

Our trainings programs


Commencement of consulting, expertise, and project management activities.


50 employees, creation of the training branch.


Signing of several significant contracts, leading to the employment of over a hundred employees.


150 employees, initiation of veterinary services, and first private contract with the largest French pharmaceutical group.


COVID Crisis - Uniivo supports all its clients in crisis management, with our teams present at research sites to fulfill their missions.


Change in leadership (departure of the founder) and restructuring. Development of the commercial division.


Today, our company embarks on a new chapter in its history, transitioning from Animalliance to Uniivo, 16 years after its inception.

This change signifies our commitment to adopting an ambitious and proactive vision while highlighting our expertise and deep understanding of the sector. Uniivo embodies our values of collaboration, humanity, ethics, and transparency, reflecting our desire to transform our approach and better meet the needs of our clients and partners.

Establishment of Uniivo SAS Interim, Animaform rebranded as Uniivo Academy.

International launch with Uniivo GmbH based in Heidelberg.

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