Uniivo Academy formation


Uniivo Academy enables us to offer high-quality training for biomedical research professionals. Our programs cover essential areas tailored to the specific needs of each institution. Whether you need regulatory, continuing, or specialized technical training, our courses are designed to maintain competencies, promote best practices, and ensure operational excellence.

Our regulatory trainings

These courses provide specialized expertise in the application of experimental procedures and experimental surgery, two crucial areas of biomedical research. Led by experts in these disciplines, our training can be organized on-site according to your specific needs. Additionally, we offer the flexibility to attend these training courses on non-consecutive days and even through videoconference sessions, making high-quality training accessible while accommodating your time and location constraints.

All our regulatory training courses

Regulatory training for the application of experimental procedures

Regulatory training in experimental surgery

Expert-led sessions in the respective fields

On-site organization upon request

Option to attend on non-consecutive days and via videoconference

Our continuing education programs

In accordance with current regulations, all personnel involved in the use of animals for scientific purposes must undergo continuous training throughout their professional careers. This program must cover relevant areas to their practice and represent the equivalent of three days of training over a six-year period, ensuring the maintenance of their skills.
The acquired skills will be validated by the Person in Charge of Personnel Skills Monitoring at the establishment and recorded in the individual skills booklet, in compliance with the Decree of February 1, 2013, from the Ministry of Agriculture, Agrifood, and Forestry.

Uniivo Academy formation techniques spécialisées

Our specialized technical training programs

Designed to meet the needs of professionals in the sector, our specialized technical training programs offer practical skills and in-depth knowledge to excel in research model management, biological risk prevention, and team management. These courses facilitate skill enhancement and contribute to the excellence and efficiency of an organization.