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Uniivo provides comprehensive, customized, and optimized solutions to support biomedical research.
To support biomedical research and allow the scientific community to fully focus on their projects, Uniivo aims at bringing its experience and expertise to serve its clients.
Our services encompass outsourcing, scientific and technical services, veterinary services, as well as audits, lab design, and consulting. Our holistic approach optimizes resources and ensures high-quality results while maintaining regulatory compliance.

Outsourcing management within a research center with Uniivo Science means

Allowing researchers to concentrate solely on their research activities by relieving them of operational tasks.

Generating significant savings by entrusting these responsibilities to a specialized service provider, bringing flexibility and budget visibility.

Benefiting from Uniivo’s expertise and experience in the specialized management of scientific research animal facilities.

(Management of zootechnical teams, technical management of breeding, facility maintenance, care for research models, drafting procedures, logistics management, etc.)

Ensuring consistent and continuously high service quality through qualified staff and advanced, mastered IT tools. Uniivo offers a unique back-office system in France for its staff via its dedicated interim agency.

Guaranteeing regulatory compliance and risk management, thus providing peace of mind to research institutions.

Benefiting from Uniivo’s responsiveness and continuous operational excellence, a recognized leader in this field.

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Our responsiveness relies on an agile organization, optimized processes, trained teams, and rigorous human resources management, enabling the rapid mobilization of necessary skills and resources. Uniivo Science’s teams ensure seamless service continuity, adapting instantly to activity fluctuations and potential unforeseen events.

The management and monitoring tools deployed by Uniivo Science also anticipate needs and intervene preventively, avoiding any risk of service disruption. Thanks to this flawless responsiveness, researchers can rely on Uniivo’s services and fully focus on their work, assured that operational aspects are perfectly managed.

Thus, outsourcing with Uniivo optimizes resources and focuses on research activities while ensuring high service quality and controlled costs.

Setting up and supervising zootechnical teams (Insourcing)

Facility maintenance, care for research models, and laundry operations

Total or partial management of zootechnics

Rational management of breeding

Implementation and operation of computerized breeding management

Drafting and validation of standardized operating procedures (SOPs)

Our experts possess extensive theoretical and technical knowledge, enabling intervention in diverse fields such as functional disorder studies, genetics, bioinformatics, artificial intelligence, behavior, ethology, computational studies, from in vivo to in vitro research.

In addition to this theoretical and technical expertise, Uniivo ensures rigorous analysis of the obtained data, guaranteeing reliable and relevant results for its clients. With this uncompromising approach to quality, the company aims to effectively support and accompany each stage of its clients’ research projects, allowing them to conduct high-quality studies.

Uniivo’s ambition is to support and accompany its clients by emphasizing excellence, specialized expertise, and unwavering support to help them achieve their research objectives.

Expertise in Life Sciences and Research Assistance

Deployment of Specialized Technicians, Assistant Engineers, Engineers

Execution of Experimental Procedures: In vivo (behavioral studies, imaging, surgery) / In vitro (PCR, cell cultures)

Data Analysis

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Regulatory requirements, the increasing emphasis on animal welfare, and the complexity of procedures make veterinarians an indispensable partner in in vivo research.

We offer designated veterinary services, prepare accreditation dossiers, and participate in the Animal Welfare Body (AWB). We assist in the ethical design of procedures, diagnose and prescribe prophylactic and therapeutic measures, and advise on the implementation and monitoring of health and decontamination plans. Additionally, we provide guidance on surgical procedures, anesthesia/analgesia, and import/export procedures for research animals.

Designated Veterinary Services

Preparation of Accreditation Dossiers

Establishment and Participation in the Animal Welfare Body (AWB)

Assistance in Ethical Design of Procedures

Diagnosis and Prescription of Prophylactic and Therapeutic Measures

Advice on the Implementation and Monitoring of Health Plans and Decontamination Plans

Guidance on Surgical Procedures, Anesthesia/Analgesia Protocols

Import/Export Procedures for Research Models

Specializing in the operation of establishments using animals for scientific purposes, we provide a comprehensive range of services. These include gathering requirements, assisting with project management, developing detailed programs, and drafting specifications for the acquisition of specialized equipment. We also oversee the commissioning and startup of facilities, ensuring regulatory compliance and supporting our clients in their accreditation processes.

Our team of experts is available to advise on various aspects of facility management, including organization, equipment, and optimization of technical, administrative, and zootechnical management. Our services also encompass financial operation consulting, the development of internal regulations, and the drafting of standardized operating procedures (SOPs). We bring our expertise to bear on the rational management of breeding and animal populations, as well as the drafting of scientific projects and procedures. By guaranteeing an ethically sound approach in line with standards, we provide reliable and competent support for the success of our clients’ scientific projects.

Designing, optimizing, and equipping a research animal facility are complex operations requiring skills that intersect architecture, logistics, zootechnics, and research. Engaging Uniivo means benefiting from the expertise of professionals who have themselves managed multiple centers and, more importantly, have participated in the design, implementation, startup, or optimization of more than 70 research centers. Our experts will adeptly translate your needs into effective solutions.

Needs Assessment and Consulting, Program Development

Drafting Specifications for the Acquisition of Specialized Equipment

Project Management Assistance (AMO)

Assistance with the Commissioning and Startup of User Establishments

Support for Regulatory Compliance: Functional Conformity of Establishments, Preparation, and Presentation of Accreditation Dossiers, and Various Administrative Authorization Dossiers

Support for Accreditation Processes

Advisory on Organization, Equipment, and Optimization of Technical, Administrative, and Zootechnical Management of User Establishments

Financial Operation Consulting

Assistance in Drafting and Implementing Internal Regulations

Drafting of Standardized Operating Procedures (SOPs)

Consulting for Rational Management of Breeding and Animal Populations

Assistance in Drafting Scientific Projects and Procedures

Ethical Formulation of Procedures, Presentation to the Ethics Committee

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